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          This was a commercial project for TUMBLE baby products, The main goal was to show relation between mother and her child.I was responsible for all pre-production of this film.

Beginning with Storyboard I tried working with simplified figures and minimalism in frame to convey story.

So I tried exploring the style and treatment for the film, how I can show products in simplified way.


With minimal simplified character designs I was able to show the nurturing

Behavior, a mother has towards her child.


For backgrounds I wanted very soft feel because softness signifies the soft touch of a baby. A child can be sensitive with its surroundings, so I tried turning the background soft keeping every edge smudge with light and positive aura.

I have tried to highlight the playful baby products which can be purchased and used very easily keeping the comfort level at prime for both mother and child.

You can have look full commerical here

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