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I'm a CG Lighting and Compositing Artist. I'm very passionate about bringing life out in the vast virtual world with my art.


I don't remember when I fell in love in the world of cartoons like Spiderman, Batman and many other Disney cartoons and films. Since childhood even before I knew how to write, my parents found me drawing beautiful artworks. They were quite happy and always supported me. I always felt fascinated to draw my favourite cartoon characters again and again, collecting various artistic design and ofcourse making flip book animation which I never took it as a serious science of art but a magical fun phenomenon.


After entering the industry, I have been washed through various innovative projects and ground breaking experiences. Eventually I found myself working in many high quality movies and commercials making me substantial in 2d as well as 3d animation.


I aspire to make films which can make contributions to disperse about my culture and the place I belong from. Spreading stories which helps connecting our people.

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