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Welcome to my Video Page, where I share my two passions: travel and toy collecting. Through captivating travel videos, I take you on adventures around the world, capturing breathtaking landscapes and inspiring wanderlust. Additionally, I showcase my unique toy collection, sharing the joy and nostalgia these objects bring. Join me on this visual journey as I combine creativity, exploration, and the love for toys, bringing wonder and inspiration to viewers like you.

Russia Trip 2019

My trip to Russia was an incredible experience. Visiting both Moscow and St. Petersburg allowed me to immerse myself in the country's rich history and awe-inspiring architecture. The cities were adorned with beautiful landmarks and picturesque landscapes. Moreover, the warm and welcoming nature of the people added to the overall charm of the trip, making it a truly unforgettable journey.

My Toys Collection

My toy collection holds a special place in my heart. From my earliest years, I have cherished and carefully preserved every toy I've ever owned, keeping them as a testament to my love for playfulness. As I continue to grow, my passion for collecting toys only deepens, with each new addition rekindling the childlike joy within me. These toys serve as a reminder to embrace the whimsical and imaginative aspects of life, ensuring that the child inside me remains forever alive.

Thailand Trip 2018

My trip to Thailand was an exhilarating adventure. Exploring Bangkok and Pattaya offered a perfect blend of fun, excitement, and natural beauty. The stunning beaches and captivating landscapes left me in awe, while immersing myself in the vibrant nightlife and visiting spiritual centers added a sense of cultural richness to the experience. It was an amazing journey that left me with unforgettable memories.

Igatpuri Trip

My trip to Igatpuri was a delightful escape into the natural beauty of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra. Surrounded by mountains, hills, and enchanting waterfalls, Igatpuri offered a serene and picturesque setting. Especially during the rainy season, the town blossomed with breathtaking beauty. The tranquility of nature in Igatpuri allowed me to connect with my inner self and find solace in its calming embrace.

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